Maafushi council notifies to clear off safaris from lagoon


Tourism Industry contributes strongly to the state revenue through various taxations

Maafushi Council has released an official notice for the safaris and liveaboards harbored at the island’s lagoon to vacate the venue.

In a statement released by the island’s council, under the amendments brought to Decentralization Act of Maldives; the vessels are notified to clear out the area which falls into the council’s jurisdiction.

Under the new amendment to the Decentralization Act, any council operating in local islands will have a jurisdiction to the island they are situated in within 700 meters from the shoreline.

The Maafushi Council has notified all safaris and liveaboards to clear out the island’s lagoon before 14:00hrs of 10 January 2020.

Furthermore, the island’s council had warned that any party failing to comply will have their vessels removed by or auctioned off by the council’s authority.

Safaris and liveaboards dock near Maafushi in heavy numbers, with the island being the most prominent in guesthouse industry.