Economic losses due to crime at MVR100m in 2019


Minister of Finance. | Image Source: Ministry of Finance

The Maldives Minister of Finance, Ibrahim Ameer confirms the economic losses due to criminal activities were over MVR100 million in 2019.

While speaking at the convocation of the 31st Police Recruit Training Course, Minister Ameer made the claim.

In his speech, the Maldives Minister of Finance noted that between countries with established rule of law and countries that do not have a functioning rule of law, have a difference of roughly 3% in economic growth.

Minister Ameer highlighted on the crime statistics of 2019 by Maldives Police Service; asserting a total of 13,860 cases of criminal activity ranging from theft, embezzlement, traffic accidents, check bounce, counterfeit and forgery, drugs, lost items, vandalism, assault and robbery among other criminal offenses.

Moreover, state had spent approximately MVR400 million for rehabilitation and prison management in 2019.

Minister Ameer bemoaned the situation, noting that such challenges should not be common in a country like Maldives with limited resources.