Tourism Ministry confirm 1.7m tourists in 2019


Pullman Maldives Maamutaa Resort | Image Source:

The Maldives Ministry of Tourism has confirmed the total number of tourist arrivals to the island nation in 2019 reached 1.7 million.

Although, it was earlier reported the total arrival hit 1.67 million by end of December 2019, the Ministry in a recent circular confirmed the actual arrival was higher.

In the ministry’s statement, publicized on 07 January 2020, it was confirmed the total arrivals to Maldives in December reached 171,292.

The annual figure of total tourist arrivals to Maldives from January until end of December 2019 hit 1,702,831 marking a 14.7% increase from the arrivals in 2018.

Statistics confirm the largest portion of arrivals were contributed from the European region, which shared 49% of the total arrivals.

The tourist arrivals from the European region improved by 14.8%, with a total head count hitting 833,904 by December’s end.

Asia and the Pacific region contributed with the second largest arrival figure, with a share of 41.4% of the total arrivals and a total head count of 705,117.

The tourist arrivals from the region grew by 13.5% compared to the arrivals in 2018.

While the Americas shared 5% of the total arrivals, Middle-Eastern markets that have been on the rise in recent years shared 3.5% of the total arrivals.

As for individual markets, China has maintained the top spot with 16.7% of total arrivals, India with 9.7% and Italy with 8% while Germany’s arrival contribution shared 7.7% of the arrivals and UK with 7.4% of the arrivals.

The Indian tourist market to Maldives saw staggering growth in 2019 with an annual growth of 83.5% with total number of arrivals reaching 166,015 by end of the year.