Tourist arrivals hit over 171K in December 2019

Source: SunOnline

The total number of tourist arrivals to Maldives in December 2019 was observed at 171,348 according to Ministry of Tourism.

The monthly increase in the review month was recorded at 13.6% compared to the arrivals in the previous year, and a 5.4% from the same month in 2018.

According to the Ministry the total number of tourist arrivals to Maldives in the entire run of 2019 reached 1,702,887.

This marks a 14.7% increase from the previous year’s total number of tourist arrivals.

As for the demographics, 52% of the total arrivals were female holidaymakers and the other 48% were male.

Arrival contributions with regards to region shows Europe maintaining dominance with 49% of the total arrivals, which is 833,939 in total and the region’s arrivals grew by 14.8%.

Asia and the Pacific region maintained their second rank with 41% of the total arrivals, which is 705,140 and the market grew by 13.5%.

The tourist arrivals by single market shows China leading with 16.7% of total arrivals, which is 284,029 and the market observed a meager growth at 0.3%.

However, the second ranking tourist market; India showed great promise in terms of growth throughout 2019. The market grew by 83.5% by December’s end and the total arrival from the destination was recorded at 166,030.

Italy, with 8.0% of the total arrivals, was the third strongest tourist market with a growth of 29.5% in 2019 and the total number of visitors observed at 136,343. Germany, with a share of 7.7% was the fourth strongest market and grew by 11.9% with total number of arrivals observed at 131,561.

United Kingdom shared 7.4% of the total arrivals, putting the destination at fifth spot with a growth in the market observed at 10.1% and total number of arrivals at 126,199.

Meanwhile the bed capacity of all tourist properties in Maldives reached 51,432 which is a 13.9% increase.

From this composition, 71.9% of the total belonged to beds operating in local tourist resorts and 19.1% belonged to guesthouses.

As per Ministry of Tourism’s statistics, the island nation has a total of 164 registered tourist resorts with a combined bed capacity of 37,004 which marks a 15.7% of growth in beds.

However, the total number of tourist resorts operational were observed at 152, with a combined bed capacity of 35,527.

The total number of registered guesthouses in Maldives as of December 2019 was 608, while the total operational properties were 607 – just one short. The combined bed capacity of guesthouse properties in the country was observed at 9,823 for registered properties and 9,813 for operational properties.

Furthermore, the total number of registered safaris and liveaboards in Maldives as of the review month was 157 with a combined bed capacity of 2,963. The total number of operational safari vessels were one short of the registered figure, with a combined bed capacity of 2,942.

Bed nights in December 2019 were observed at 1,050,365 and marked a 15.5% growth whereas the total number of tourist nights for the entire year was observed at 10,689,248 which marks a 12.8% increase.

The occupancy rate was observed at 62% in December 2019, which was an increase of 0.2% from the corresponding period in 2018.

The average guest stay was 6.3 days as of the review month which was a -0.1% drop from the same period in 2018.