MIB opens new service center

Image Source: Avas Online

The Maldives Islamic Bank (MIB) has opened a new service center of the bank in a bid to ease customer accessibility.

The bank’s new service center is the previous premises where MIB stationed their designated bank-wing for the sale of shares during their Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Post several changes and renovation process, MIB has opened the new service center in the same venue.

According to Maldives Islamic Bank, their new center is dedicated for application submission via forms or in person. Among the services provided by MIB through their new center include opening of bank accounts, applying for MIB’s Fi’sa Card as well as their internet banking services.

Moreover, the service center will also provide services from one of their commercial products ‘Ujaalaa.’

Maldives Islamic Bank has been pushing ahead with fresher efforts in expanding their service footprint and provide easier accessibility for its growing customer base.

To cater for the growing customer base and maintaining proper rapport with existing clientele, the bank opened a larger office venue in 2019.