ADK Conducts First 3D Laparoscopic Surgery in Maldives

Doctors at the surgery — Photo: Ahmed Af’aal

ADK Hospital has successfully conducted the first ever 3D high definition laparoscopic surgery in the Maldives.

The minimally invasive surgery technique allows the surgeon to examine a patient without cutting into them.

The small incision allows for quicker healing time for the patient and lesser pain and surgical complications.

The first ever 3D laparoscopic surgery was carried out in ADK’s ‘sunrise’ theatre and took three hours to complete.

ADK’s Managing Director, Ahmed Afaal shared pictures of the procedure on social media, congratulating the team of doctors for the success.

ADK Managing Director Ahmed Af’aal tweeting about the surgery — Photo: Ahmed Af’aal twitter

“ADK will soon introduce quaternary services to our customers. We will always remain steadfast in providing the best, modern medical care to our customers,” Afaal stated.

ADK opened the ‘Hassan Ibrahim Tier of Excellence in Cardiovascular Care’ theatre complex on 15 March, 2018. The state-of-the-art theatre complex includes a cath-lab, and is designed with artistic drawings of natural themes.

The Hospital recently upgraded their facilities, bringing in new theatre complexes, wards, along with a new five-story building, named for the late Dr. Pandian, one of the longest serving doctors in the Hospital.

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