Quarantine standard amps up at VIA as per Tourism Minister

Image: Hussain Waheed

The quarantining or screening standards at Velana International Airport (VIA) have been improved according to Maldives Minister of Tourism.

The Minister of Tourism Ali Waheed had confirmed the island nation’s main air gateway will now have double layers of screening for foreign travelers, both at the international terminal and the domestic terminal with the help of thermal cameras.

Moreover, Minister Waheed notified the local media representatives present at the press briefing the Hanimaadhoo International Airport has been installed with improved screening equipment as well.

In addition to this, thermal imaging cameras at Gan International Airport, Addu City, have been improved to meet proper standards.

Minister Waheed asserted the safety and protection of Maldives citizens was paramount and the ministry was working in association with the tourism industry to reduce the economical setbacks that may arise from the coronavirus outbreak.

Earlier, it was reported that the Maldives tourism industry has suffered as many as 11,000 guest bookings to various properties in the country.

However, Minister Waheed was confident the tourism industry of the island nation will continue to boom into the coming year as well.