Dhiraagu services to experience 4-day technical issues

The main headquarters of Dhiraagu

The telecommunication giant from Maldives, Dhiraagu has notified its customer base of service interruptions for a four day period, starting from Saturday, 08 February 2020.

Dhiraagu claims the interruptions are due to the company’s efforts in improving the existing services as well as their expansion of the business supporting system.

Though some services are likely to face technical issues during the four day period, Dhiraagu confirms standard calls as well as fixed-line internet services will remain unaffected.

However, services such as subscription for add-on packages, reload services, mobile bill pay will be temporarily suspended from 00:00hrs until 04:00hrs on 09 February 2020, Sunday.

Fixed broadband internet services and bill pay will experience suspension on 00:00hrs of Sunday early morning lasting until 23:00hrs of Monday evening.