Maldivian launches new app for booking tickets


Maldivian Airline’s MD Mr Rizvy launches the mobile application | Photo: Avas Online

The national airline of the island nation, Maldivian has introduced a new mobile application for reservation of seats and booking tickets.

During a special ceremony held on Tuesday morning at the main headquarters of Maldivian, the application was officially launched by the airline’s Managing Director Mr Mohamed Rizvy.

The mobile application, already available from both Google Play and Apple Store, can be utilized to book fare tickets and make payments.

Moreover, the application provides a history of the customer’s previous travel plans and destinations while acting as a great platform to adjust and plan out traveling excursions.

The mobile application will have regularly updated fare prices for its destinations.

“We are planning to integrate services such as refunding into the application,” Rizvy commented.

The airline’s Managing Director noted the application was conceived in a bid to provide ease of access for its customer base and to create a friendlier customer interaction environment.

Though Maldivian has introduced a mobile application for its customer base, the previously used methods of regular calls or booking tickets through Viber group are still available.