Administration’s Policy is to Reduce Electricity Costs – President

Maldives’ President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has emphasized on the Administration’s commitment to reduce electricity costs speaking at the function held to celebrate the 70th anniversary of State Electric Company Limited (STELCO).

President Solih highlighted that electricity costs could not be reduced without the combined efforts of the Administration and the public. Likewise, the President urged the public to exercise their share of the responsibilities by reducing energy consumption and wastage.

In addition to that, President Solih noted that the Administration had successfully harmonized electricity tariffs across the country, eliminating decades-old disparities between Malé and the outer atolls.

He further stated that the Administration accords high priority to protecting the environment.

At the function, President Solih launched a special book by STELCO on the history of electricity services in the Maldives and presented awards to the individuals who have served in the electrical sector for over 35 years.