STO exempts rent on its food courts during closure period

One of the cafes operated in the Food Court venue

State Trading Organization (STO) has decided to exempt rent charges on businesses operating at the food court venue during the closure period imposed by Maldives government.

In a statement released on Wednesday, STO notes the food court venue has come to an abrupt halt following government’s order to temporarily close down all cafes and restaurants operating in Greater Male’ Region.

The food court venue is managed by STO; the largest State-Owned Enterprise (SOE), and it has decided on exempting the rent prices for the duration of business idleness to reduce financial damages on the local vendors.

Maldives government imposed a temporary order of closure on all cafes and restaurants in the Greater Male’ Region without an exact date of opening. While dine-in services from all restaurants and cafes have been temporarily ceased, food and beverage outlets can serve for delivery and takeaway orders.

Businesses that attract public gathering or crowds have been ordered by Maldives government to temporarily cease their operations in light of the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic.

The viral pandemic has placed visible dents on the island nation’s economy, with the country’s main economic sector; tourism, facing the worst of the brunt.

While all local cafes and restaurants in Greater Male’ Region have closed down, many of the government sector offices as well as private sector companies have temporarily ceased regular mode of business conduct.