Dhiraagu Offers Free 10GB Data to all Home Fixed Broadband Customers

Due to the the global health crisis, COVID-19, Dhiraagu is offering extra 10GB free Data Internet for all Home Fixed Broadband customers.

The telecommunications service provider has awarded 30% extra free data, reduced the price of data booster by 50% for Home Fixed Broadband customers and provided 25% discount on monthly rentals for Biz Fixed Broadband packages as a relief to small and medium businesses as well over the past few weeks.

“We understand by the end of the month majority of the customers could use some extra data allowance to continue with remote education, remote working, socializing and entertainment whilst families are advised to remain at their homes.” a press release by Dhiraagu read.

“We are trying our best to provide some ease to our customers as we understand data consumption can be higher than normal. Our teams have been tirelessly working to support our community as much as possible.” Dhiraagu further revealed.

Customers activate the free 10GB data internet via Fixed Broadband Usage Portal on Dhiraagu MyAccount: link – www.dhiraagu.com.mv/ocs. In addition to that, customers can also activate usage SMS notifications via  the Fixed Broadband Usage portal on MyAccount.