MWSC to open on two weekdays in current week


Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) announces the customer service counters will open for two days during official hours in the current week.

The customer service and reception will remain open during official hours at 09:00hrs until 12:00hrs on Monday and Wednesday of the current week, as per MWSC.

The state-owned utility company closed down its regular operational hours in light of the viral pandemic outbreak.

MWSC confirms the customer service counters will be open on the mentioned two days for customers paying bills through bank checks – mainly for companies or real estate properties.

Moreover, the reception will remain open on Monday and Wednesday, to facilitate acceptance of invoices and other documents.

In addition to this, MWSC branches in various atolls will also be open to facilitate the same services while permitted outlets will be open for customers to pay for utility bills.

Meanwhile, the company have urged its customer base to pay for pending bills via their mobile app.