ATA aims to seek relief for travel agencies


The Association of Travel Agents (ATA) will be seeking approaches to provide relief for travel agencies and travel associated companies.

While the global viral pandemic has resulted in major airlines to ground their operations, this impacted on the global tourism industry with drastic drops in traveler numbers.

The travel agency representing association confirms they were discussing with Maldives government to seek aid for the industry holistically.

“Travel agencies are the most vital component of the tourism industry, and several locals in the field have been facing losses due to the viral pandemic. We are attempting to seek relief and assistance for them,” an official from ATA spoke with local media.

Maldives have over 200 travel agencies with more than 2,000 locals employed in them.

The COVID-19 viral pandemic has resulted in completely slowing down the travel and tourism industry to Maldives, with as many as 50 different tourist resorts announcing temporary closure.

Meanwhile guesthouses and city hotels have closed down across the country, with no new bookings while the safari industry remains stagnant due to the current condition.