Mövenpick Maldives Announces Ice Cream Home Delivery

Mövenpick Maldives has announced ice cream delivery to doorstop on orders over 150.

The delivery service by Mövenpick marks as the first-ever Ice Cream delivery service in the Maldives.

According to a social media post by Mövenpick Maldives customers can place their order between 11:00AM and 11:00PM. In order to place an order you can call or Viber 956-2023.

The Swiss Ice-Cream Brand—Mövenpick is touted as one of the best in the world, currently being sold across more than 40 countries and is well known for its premium quality, naturally sourced ingredients, and most importantly, its rich, flavorful taste.

The official distributor for Mövenpick products in Maldives – VH Holdings, launched its very first outlet in June of 2017.

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