Allied Builders Insurance at Special Rates for MACI Members

Allied Insurance has decided to give ‘Builders Insurance’ policy to Maldives Association of Construction Industries (MACI) members at special rates.

Speaking at the ‘Allied Builders Dinner’ event held at Champa Central Hotel, Sales Manager Mohamed Shiruleen said that the ‘Builders Insurance’ policy is designed to provide maximum security in the fast-expanding construction industry.

Under this policy, MACI members can enjoy 20 percent discount.

“The policy has been designed to cover third-party as well. For example, if a person walking by the construction site got injured by a falling object, this policy will cover the damages to the person and the object,” Shiruleen said.

The policy that was introduced at the ‘Allied Special Event’ held in January to mark 33-years of service includes three packages – the ‘Builders Basic’, ‘Builders Basic Plus’, and ‘Builders Premium’.

Builders Basic package will include damages to objects and third-party liability, while Builders Basic Plus will include group personnel accidents in addition to damages to objects and third-party liability. Builders Premium package will include damages to machinery in addition to third-party liability, group personnel accidents, and damages to objects.

Allied Insurance is one of the largest financial institutes in the country, and the most prominent insurance brand in the region.

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