STO slice prices on high-demand food items

Photo: Sun Online

State Trading Organization (STO) has sliced the prices of some of the most high-demand food items in Maldives.

The largest state-owned enterprise has cut the prices on onion, potato and egg.

According to price reductions, a kilogram of onion will be sold at MVR11 (per kilogram) reduced from MVR15 per kilogram, while potato will cost MVR12 per kilogram.

Based on the newest changes to prices, egg will be sold at MVR1.50 per egg.

Meanwhile, a bag of onion sold at MVR325 earlier have a price reduction of MVR255 per bag.

A case of eggs will be sold at MVR260 while the previous price was MVR290 per case.

The price on bags of potatoes remain unchanged at MVR250 per bag.

Meanwhile the state-owned enterprise have imposed price control measures on the said items for all local traders to sell.

According to STO the highest rate for onion is MVR20 per kilogram and MVR1.80 per egg.

Maldives government is currently attempting to provide relief for public by reducing prices on generally sold or high-demand items amid the economic crisis due to the viral pandemic.