Kandoodhoo Chilli Hits MVR 2500 Per Kilogram

Image Source: Avas.mv

The value of Chillies from Kandoodhoo has reached MVR 2500 per kilogram. Likewise, the price of normal chillies has also jumped-up to MVR 500 per kilogram.

Price of Kandoodhoo Chilli rises typically every year for Ramadan. However, this year due to the COVID-19 lockdown, bringing agricultural products to the capital Male’ from the local islands has been challenging.

Kandoodhoo is one of the major local suppliers of chillis and the demand for their product rises as Ramadan approaches every year.

Meanwhile, the State Trading Organization (STO) has sliced the prices of some of the most high-demand food items in the Maldives including; onions, potatoes and eggs.


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