AgroNat Begins Purchasing Agricultural Produce from Farmers


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Agro National Corporation Limited (AgroNat) has begun the purchase of agricultural products from local farmers in order to market and develop the supply chain for local produce.

AgroNat was formed as a State-Owned Enterprise with the overall mandate to assist in developing the agricultural sector.

The Corporation aims to enforce objectives such as enabling an efficient supply-chain for agriculture, providing technical expertise and training to farmers, expanding the role of women in farming, and facilitating access to quality fertilizers across islands.

AgroNat will also work towards achieving economic targets relating to food security, import-substitution, creation of jobs, and improving the trade balance.

The company will be purchasing locally produced fruits and vegetables from farmers and re-selling the produce to wholesale buyers.

In the intermediate-term, the corporation aims to work towards an import substitution policy that will reduce imports of certain locally produced crops by 50%.