HPA releases new app to assist contact tracing

A local advertisement of HPA’s contract trace assisting application

Health Protection Agency (HPA) has released a mobile application designated in assisting with contact tracing.

Dubbed ‘TraceEkee’, the application allows its users to identify or pinpoint the location of COVID-19 positive patients and their contacts.

The application allows its users to identify other users with the aid of the Bluetooth device. It acts like a positioning or navigating system in triangulating the users location as well as identifying other users with the application in close proximity.

The application sends off a trace beacon several times within a minute; with the unique user-ID which changes in every 15 minutes; concealing the identity or login details of any given user.

At the discovery of another beacon, the application will record the beacon’s location or position.

HPA assures the application will not disclose or use personal data of any user without consent or knowledge. The app is not framed for automatic data transfer either ensuring the user controls sharing capabilities.

The health authority will request users to upload data only after a user is suspected of carrying symptoms of the viral contagion.