MTCC wrap up phase-2 of Vilingili harbor construction


Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has wrapped up the second phase of Gaaf Alif Vilinigili harbor construction project.

MTCC confirmed the successful completion of the project’s phase two on Monday, 04 May, through a publicized press release.

The harbor construction projected was awarded to the state-owned transport and contracting company by Ministry of National Planning and Development in August 2019.

The project mobilized subsequently in December of the same year.

MTCC confirms dredging 7,985 cubic meters from the island’s lagoon for the development of the harbor.

Additionally a 346-meter breakwater and a 30-meter bridge was installed and constructed, respectively by the contractor. Moreover, MTCC had concluded installation of harbor beacons under the project.

The contractor confirms the project is valued at a total of MVR10.6 million and was officially completed on 17 April 2020.