Fisheries Improves in Southern Atolls

Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Limited (MIFCO) has revealed that fisheries has improved greatly in the southern atolls.

MIFCO stated that 700 tons of fish were weighed in by the company in the past two days. With the increase in fisheries, MIFCO facilities have been gearing up to attend to the fish being brought in by fishermen.

Chief Operating Officer of MIFCO, Ramzee Abubakuru stated that 400 tons of fish were weighed in at the Kooddoo port, and 300 tons of fish were weighed in to MIFCO vessels on Saturday.

“At present fisheries is better than it has been in the past two years. We are gearing up and readying to cater to fishermen,” Ramzee stated.

With the increase in fisheries, fishing vessels are weighing in between 15 and 43 tons of fish on average at present.

MIFCO’s Managing Director, Adhlee Ismail stated that they have arranged for MIFCO vessels to operate at full capacity to cater to the fishermen. He requested fishermen to call the company’s hotline – 7798070 – before bringing in fish for weighing.

“We are operating at full capacity, and would like to request fishermen to ice the fish before bringing it,” Adhlee said.

MIFCO revealed that though the company had issues providing ice to fishermen with the sudden increase in fisheries, they are fully geared up to provide ice and weigh fish to their full capacity.

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