COVID-19 Daily Brief: 14th May


The first positive case of Covid-19 in Male’ City was discovered on 15 April 2020 after which Maldives government announced a strict total lockdown on Greater Male’ Region for a 24-hour duration.

However, health authorities will discover 3 cases within the time frame along with several direct contacts with the first reported case in Maldives capital which pushed the government to extend the lockdown period to another 24 hours.

Several other patients testing positive to the virus were discovered, forcing the government to extend its lockdown imposition by 14 days which has since been extended to another 14-day period effective until 14 May 2020.

While it has been 27 days since community outbreak of the virus was announced, it was confirmed during the period that the virus have reached to various parts of the country including a community outbreak at Shaviyani atoll Narudhoo.

Recently the number of positive cases confirmed within 24-hour windows have been surging while health professionals warned of various worse case scenarios with over 77,000 projected to contract the disease.

Meanwhile many of the locals in Greater Male’ Region have been found violating the lockdown regulations as the confinement period extends.

Covid-19 Case Updates

The figures reflected on the illustration is the latest development in Maldives as per Health Protection Agency and Ministry of Health’s updates.

Covid-19 From The News:

13 May – Maldives Police Force: confirms a total of 197 individuals have been arrested so far for violating lockdown regulations.

13 May – Three Indian repatriates who reached home after being stranded in Maldives had tested positive for Covid-19, sources claim.

13 May – Health authorities confirmed 08 more patients who tested positive for Covid-19 have made recoveries.

13 May – Health Protection Agency: confirmed 07 expat workers who tested positive for Covid-19 were unreachable for authorities; it was reported that they had fled the containment sites.

14 May – Renowned local businessman Hussain Abdulla, the owner of MHA Company – one of the largest wholesale dealers in the country – died of Covid-19 while being treated at Dharumavantha Hospital.

14 May – Health Protection Agency: the authority reports Bangladesh nationals who tested positive for Covid-19 in Maldives have exceeded 500.

14 May – Health Protection Agency: the authority confirmed 13 more positive cases of Covid-19 discovered in Maldives.

Covid-19 Statistics:

  • Total cases reported in Maldives increased to 968 (+5.8%) while active cases hit 922 (+4.7%)
  • Recoveries made from the virus have risen to 40 (+4.13%) while deaths reported have reached 4 (0.24%)
  • Total of 1,403 remain in quarantine facilities and 896 in isolation

State Decisions

29 April – The total lockdown period in Greater Male’ Region have been extended by another 14 days. The new lockdown deadline will last until 14 May 2020.

30 AprilMaldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Thursday confirmed extending state closure period once again, effective until 14 May 2020.

30 AprilMinister of Health announced extending the State of Public Health Emergency once again; stretching the duration until 30 May 2020.

30 April Minister of Islamic Affairs have once again extended ban on congregational prayers until 14 May amid escalating COVID-19 crisis in Maldives.

14 May – Health Protection Agency announced the total lockdown period in Greater Male’ Region have been extended by another 14-days. The lockdown will now remain effective until 28 May 2020.

14 May – Ministry of Islamic Affairs: the ban on congregational prayers across the country have once again been extended until 28 May.

Economic News – Highlights


  • Sri Lankan Airlines: the airline had a repatriation flight on Thursday morning to take back 288 stranded Lankans in Maldives back home.
  • Maldives Inland Revenue Authority: the taxation authority confirms a 59.6% drop in revenue for the month of April 2020 – the earnings reached MVR527.47 million.

Weekly Covid-19 Spending Report

Data reflected on the weekly Covid-19 spending report are acquired after assimilating previous week’s spending by state bodies in efforts to counter the pandemic.

As of:

30 April: total spending was recorded at MVR665.4 million. The spending committed by Ministry of Health and NDMA contributed to 91.2% of all spending.

07 May: total spending towards Covid-19 related efforts stood at MVR814.2 million, marking a 22.4% increase compared to previous week. Both Ministry of Health and NDMA continue to contribute towards majority (91.5%) of all spending.

Updates from Press Conference

The following updates are extracted from the latest press conferences – held within the last 24-hours:

  • Health Protection Agency: the authority confirmed on Wednesday the discovery of 51 additional cases of Covid-19 surging the total number of cases in the country to 955.
  • National Emergency Operations Center: the Health Protection Agency’s medical official Dr. Ibrahim Afzal confirmed 137 frontline workers have been infected with the contagious virus.


Editor’s Note: The data represented in the format of news, article or bulletin in this report are collected verified and official sources countering the viral pandemic, as well as news releases, media updates and critical data from government institutions. Follow this space for more developments; updated in every 24 hours.