Govt relieve tension over state fund deficiency


Ministry of Finance have availed rising tensions over speculations of deficiency of state funds.

The Chief Financial Budget Executive of the ministry, Ahmed Saruvash Adam during the press briefing at National Emergency Operations Center on Saturday assured properly formulated plans to acquire funds from foreign finacial institutions.

He had also responded to the speculations of state fund deficiency, claiming the government currently was financially potent for expenditures. However, he had emphasized the importance on acquiring finance strategically as coming months may constrain funds.

Finances are arranged through foreign institutions after several discussions between the parties, which consumes both time and effort making the process a challenge, said Saruvash.

He further asserted on the pandemic’s unprecedented nature placing difficulties for international financial bodies to act swiftly.

Saruvash further cleared up the natures of foreign aids commenting all aids were not free grants but some were concessional loans as well.