Entrepreneurs Need Single-Window System – Economic Minister

Minister of Economic Development, Mohamed Saeed

Minister of Economic Development, Mohamed Saeed has stated that entrepreneurs in Maldives need online platforms such as single-window.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the National Single Window Consultation Workshop, Minister Saeed stated that the online platform will enable entrepreneurs and government agencies to cargo goods from flights to the Velana International Airport (VIA) through a mutual platform.

“We have enough demands in the nation, as any developing or developed country would. The government is prioritizing these demands. We are positive that entrepreneurs and everyone who has worked for this will celebrate this platform,” Minister Saeed stated.

Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Khadeeja Hussain stated that the single-window project is worth approximately USD 6 million. She stated that the main purpose of the workshop was to share the experience of other countries, and to hold discussion on how to carry out the project.

Deputy Minister Khadeeja added that under the single-window platform, entrepreneur information will be shared with different government agencies, and once the platform has been implemented, entrepreneurs can submit all necessary documentations to government offices online.

She added that the single-window platform will save a lot of time for entrepreneurs, and that the latter can even make e-payments through the online platform. Deputy Minister Khadeeja added that with the implementation of the online platform, the IT departments in the government offices will be further developed to enable a consistent and easy online platform.