‘Safe Tourism Guideline’ draft for stakeholder discourse

Editor’s Note: The Maldives Ministry of Tourism later confirmed the initially proposed additional charges on tourist arrivals, and the private jet parking, super yacht berthing fees will not be incurred anymore.

A new draft on proposed new guidelines for the tourism industry of Maldives with new fees levied on tourists have been presented for the discourse of the industry.

The ‘Safe Tourism Guideline’ proposes new fees levied on tourists and tourist resorts after Maldives reopens its borders for travelers post Covid-19 pandemic.

The guideline suggests tourists will be allowed entranced into tourist properties possessing a ‘Safe Tourism License’; which will become the standard procedure in a post Covid-19 scenario.

As per Ministry of Tourism the license will be issued to eligible properties for a fee of USD50,000.

Moreover, the guideline forecast reopening of tourism for travelers arriving in Maldives via private super-yachts and jets.

Ministry of Tourism is expected to levy a landing fee of USD50,000 on private jets and berthing fee of USD10,000 on super-yachts.

Additionally, the guideline proposes incurring a fee of USD100 for on-arrival visas, which have been free before border closure.

Tourists will be quarantined and tested for the presence of Covid-19 virus upon arrival for a fee of USD100.

Meanwhile, Maldives expects reopening commercial flight operations at Velana International Airport (VIA) by July.

However, it was later confirmed that the Maldives government will no longer levy any additional taxation or fees on tourist arrivals as the concept was met with strong criticism.

Ministry of Tourism later revealed the country’s tourism industry is expected to open in July without incurring any additional charges on tourists.

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