State spend MVR892.3m on Covid-19 related efforts


Maldives government have spent MVR892.3 million towards efforts in curbing and controlling the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

According to Ministry of Finance, the mentioned spending was observed as at 28 May, Week 5 since pandemic hit the country.

Moreover, the spending as of the review week was a 2.9% increase from the week before.

In terms of week-on-week spending, NDMA and IGMH contributed highest towards Covid-19 efforts.

Furthermore, the ministry reports over half of NDMA’s spending was on medical equipment and consumables.

On the other hand, IGMH procured medical consumables worth MVR4.9 million.

Meanwhile, supplies and requisites for service provision, predominantly on medical consumables, increased by MVR12.5 million.

Additionally, capital equipment primarily composed of medical equipment increased by MVR7.7 million.

The ministry revealed 53.5% of the total spending was committed-spending towards Covid-19 efforts.