Gloria Jeans Coffee, Chicking resume delivery service

From: Gloria Jeans Maldives/Facebook

The Australian franchise’s Maldivian wing, Gloria Jeans Coffee Maldives have resumed deliveries after a short hiatus.

Moreover, Chicking – the other outlet under Brew & Feast – have commenced deliveries a week prior.

Gloria Jeans Coffee opened a second outlet in front of Velaanaage following their debut at Rasfannu pavilion.

However, their debut outlet at the pavilion closed down and the Australian brand’s local wing operate solely in front of Velaanaage.

Chicking is located beneath Gloria Jeans Maldives, at the same building in front of the multi-story office building.

Customers can contact the outlets on their social media handles or on their contact numbers to place orders.

Moreover, customers can physically attend the outlets to collect their delivery while adhering to social distance protocols.


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