COVID-19 Daily Brief: 12th June

The viral disease was discovered first in Maldives capital, Male’ City, on 15 April, after which the Greater Male’ Region was placed under a total lockdown.

Maldives government placed restrictive measures during the lockdown period, which limited the outside movement for the public including permitted traveling.

Businesses that catered delivery services along with special servicing outlets were granted permission by authorities, while Maldives Police Service was tasked with patrolling the streets for illegal public traverse.

In late May, Maldives government announced easing the restrictive measures on public as health authorities forecast possible slow-down on the public outbreak of the virus.

More hours were granted to public to head outside, while restaurants have been permitted to continue deliveries.

Meanwhile, government aims to place ease on the restrictive measures under phases.

Tourism Ministry later announced that resort employees can travel to the resorts of their employment and resume duty, which had been authorized by HPA towards resorts that no monitoring status or have already observed a 14-day period post monitoring lift.

Furthermore, government announced that it expects border reopening by July, resuming the currently stagnated tourism industry.

Covid-19 Case Updates

The figures reflected on the illustration is the latest development in Maldives as per Health Protection Agency and Ministry of Health’s updates.

Covid-19 From The News:

11 June – Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih extended the partial opening of government offices.

11 June – Maldives government extended the lockdown in Greater Male’ Region by another 3 days – lasting until 14 June.

11 June – Greater Male’ Region to ‘reopen‘ under new normal on Monday, 14 June.

12 June – Health authorities confirm another 32 recoveries from Covid-19.

Covid-19 Statistics:

Case Statistics:

  • Total Cases: 2003
  • Active Cases: 800
  • Recoveries: 1193 (59.56%)
  • Total Deaths: 8 (0.40%)
  • Total in Quarantine: 346
  • Total in Isolation: 734


  • Bangladesh: 1058 (52.82%)
  • Maldives: 700 (34.95%)
  • India: 191 (9.54%)
  • Nepal: 24 (1.20%)
  • Italy: 11 (0.55%)
  • Sri Lanka: 11 (0.55%)
  • Pakistan: 3 (0.15%)
  • Other: 5 (0.25%)

State Decisions

29 April – The total lockdown period in Greater Male’ Region have been extended by another 14 days. The new lockdown deadline will last until 14 May 2020.

30 AprilMaldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Thursday confirmed extending state closure period once again, effective until 14 May 2020.

30 AprilMinister of Health announced extending the State of Public Health Emergency once again; stretching the duration until 30 May 2020.

30 April Minister of Islamic Affairs have once again extended ban on congregational prayers until 14 May amid escalating COVID-19 crisis in Maldives.

14 May – Health Protection Agency announced the total lockdown period in Greater Male’ Region have been extended by another 14-days. The lockdown will now remain effective until 28 May 2020.

14 May – Ministry of Islamic Affairs: the ban on congregational prayers across the country have once again been extended until 28 May.

14 May – Maldives Police Service: authorities confirmed the Sinamale’ Bridge will be closed from transportation between 01:00hrs and 09:00hrs everyday effective from Thursday.

16 May – Maldives Government: President of Maldives Ibrahim Mohamed Solih confirmed renewing state closure period effective between 17 May until 28 May.

Economic News – Highlights


*No notable updates

Weekly Covid-19 Spending Report

Data reflected on the weekly Covid-19 spending report are acquired after assimilating previous week’s spending by state bodies in efforts to counter the pandemic.

As of:

30 April: total spending was recorded at MVR665.4 million. The spending committed by Ministry of Health and NDMA contributed to 91.2% of all spending.

07 May: total spending towards Covid-19 related efforts stood at MVR814.2 million, marking a 22.4% increase compared to previous week. Both Ministry of Health and NDMA continue to contribute towards majority (91.5%) of all spending.

14 May – the total spending towards Covid-19 related efforts increased by 7.3% from the previous week. The total state spending towards curbing the pandemic spread in Maldives have reached MVR873.3 million.

21 May – total spending towards Covid-19 related efforts decreased 0.7% from previous week. Total spending towards the efforts against the pandemic was at MVR866.9 million.

28 May – government’s total spending towards Covid-19 related efforts increased by 2.9% and reached MVR892.3 million.

04 June – government’s weekly Covid-19 spending on health efforts reached MVR923.2 million, marking a 3.5% increase from previous week.

Updates from Press Conference

The following updates are extracted from the latest press conferences – held within the last 24-hours:

*No updates


Editor’s Note: The data represented in the format of news, article or bulletin in this report are collected verified and official sources countering the viral pandemic, as well as news releases, media updates and critical data from government institutions. Follow this space for more developments; updated in every 24 hours.